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Peaceful Nights - SnugFleece Wool Crib Mattress Pads



Calms and soothes.  Soft wool fibers are a delight to touch.  Calms and soothes babies.  Helps comfort colicky children, too.  Infants experience reduced stress and more quality sleep.  Metabolic activity of babies sleeping on wool is decreased, which burns fewer calories, resulting in faster weight gain.

Perfect all year round.  Nature's insulation.  Wool keeps baby warm and cozy in cold weather.  In warm weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is then released into the air, ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times. 

Sanitized for lasting hygiene.  Non-allergenic.  Sanitized with Ultra-Fresh, a fabric treatment registered and EPA approved for domestic fabrics, which fights against mold, mildew, and microbial growth.  Ultra-Fresh preserves hygienic freshness and repels all wool-eating insects.  It will last the life of the cover and can withstand dry cleaning and washing.  Prevents odors and kills dust mites.  Lanolin is also a natural deodorizer which prevents the wool from absorbing odors.  Wool repels dust, making a cleaner environment for baby at sleep or at play.

Flame resistant safe sleeping environment.  Wool is the only natural fiber that naturally resists flaming because of its high nitrogen and moisture content.  Wool will normally self-extinguish when the flame source is removed.  It does not melt or burst into flames.  SnugFleece passes all US Government flammability tests.

The go-anywhere bed.  Young travelers will feel secure with an additional cover for traveling or when baby is on the floor or in the playpen. 

Care and cleaning.   SnugFleece Original and SnugFleece II covers are best cared for with a good vacuuming occasionally.  Foam wool upholstery or carpet cleaners can be used for spot cleaning by following the manufacturer's directions.  They can also be dry-cleaned.  SnugSoft covers are machine wash cool and machine dry cool, great if you need frequent washing.

Buy with confidence:  30 day no-risk satisfaction guarantee and one-year manufacturing warranty.  Health care professionals advise infants be placed on their back or side when put to bed.  We recommend that babies who cannot yet roll over should be kept off their abdomens when placed to sleep on a wool mattress cover, and that a sheet be placed over all wool mattress covers.

The SnugFleece Original.  Nestle into the gentle embrace of our highest quality plush wool cover.  More wool equals more comfort!  1-3/4" pile height.  100% virgin wool with a pure cotton backing.  86 oz. wool/linear yard.  Husky 2" corner straps to secure cover to mattress.  Vacuum, foam wool spot cleaner, or dry clean. 

SnugFleece Original Crib Pad    $110.00  Quantity    

SnugFleece II.  A more economical Original with the same superior quality and craftsmanship.  1-3/4" pile height.  100% virgin wool with a pure cotton backing.  60 oz. wool/linear yard.  Husky 2" corner straps to secure cover to mattress.  Vacuum, foam wool spot cleaner, or dry clean. 

SnugFleece II Crib Pad     $84.00                  Quantity  

SnugSoft Wool Mattress Covers.  The benefits of a wool cover with the convenience of washability.  Choose from three distinct pile heights.  These easy care covers are perfect for infants and children. 

Snugsoft Elite.  1-1/2" pile, 65 oz. wool/linear yard.  Machine washable. 

SnugSoft Elite Crib Pad        $84.00                     Quantity       

SnugSoft Imperial.  1-1/4" pile, 55 oz. wool/linear yard.  Machine washable. 

SnugSoft Imperial Crib Pad   $79.00               Quantity      

SnugSoft Deluxe.   1" pile, 40 oz. wool/linear yard.  Machine washable. 

SnugSoft Deluxe Crib Pad       $64.00                 Quantity      



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